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"A farm for all seasons"

Flower farm worker setting up greenhouse
Greenhouse trays filled with young flower seedlings ready for transplanting
Interior of a greenhouse full of seedlings being prepared for planting at a flower farm
A lush greenhouse interior filled with rows of seedlings at The River Garden
Seedlings growing in greenhouse trays, ready for transplanting at The River Garden
Flower greenhouses with seedlings out front being prepared for planting
A greenhouse interior filled with rows of seedlings in trays. Overhead fans are mounted on the structure, and a concrete path
Trays of young plants growing in a greenhouse with a white plastic covering.
Pussywillow bud wreath, natural and eco-friendly decoration from The River Garden
A tractor tilling a flower field with trees in the background.
Farmer preparing flower field for planting
Farm tractors cultivating rows of flowers in a field.
Flower farm field being irrigated by farmer with a sprinkler
Fresh green crops being irrigated by a rotating sprinkler system at a flower farm
A tractor plowing a field at sunset on a flower farm, with a picturesque sky in the background
Blooming yellow flowers in a farm field at sunset
A large pule of yellow and white flowers with some blooms open and others in bud
Pussy willow basket with white and yellow flowers perfect for spring or Easter
Lush green forest with ferns and tall trees in Upstate New York.
White flowering bush (common lilac) for adding beauty to your landscape
White truck overflowing with fresh-cut purple lilacs from The River Garden Flower Farm
Clusters of purple lilac flowers with green stems, ideal for spring arrangements
Gorgeous pale pink snapdragon flowers planted in farm field at sunset
Freshly cut pink peony bouquet, perfect for any occasion from The River Garden
Landscape of a flower farm being harvested during spring
Lush green flower field with blue echinop blooms on a farm
Farmer harvesting purple lilac for sale at the River Garden Flower Farm
Pink sunset over farm field of flowers blooming in the Spring
Gorgeous flower fields blooming at The River Garden Flower Farm
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